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Have you heard the many horror stories were insurance companies having wrongfully denied claims?

Not being paid for life threatening health care procedures, auto accidents, homes or business structures hit by a storm. New Day Services protects against that with:

New Day Services protects against that with:

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Specializing in processing all types of property damage including residential and commercial. We will handle the entire insurance claim from    A to Z with no or very little money out of pocket.

We are associated with some of the finest experts in the country with experience in the insurance, construction, real estate and legal professions who provide stellar performance in their fields with premier service.

Damage University

The public adjuster works for the consumer alone. That is you and, by law, never for the insurance company. Their loyalty is to you. The public adjuster works for your benefit only! The public adjuster works to get you everything you deserve, including things you never thought of.

Fire Damage

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Water Damage

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